With over 20 years of experience the ConnecTalk team have worked with a variety of clients in many different industries which puts us in a position to help all businesses with their communication requirements.

Our staff are friendly, efficient, highly trained and committed to helping you work more effectively.

We realise that every business is unique, with its own requirements trying to find the right balance between service and savings. Because of this we partner with multiple telecoms providers so we can help you choose the right fit while also enjoying great service for the best possible value.

We’ve really got our finger on the pulse when it comes to communications, we invest a great deal of time in reviewing what is new and available to our customers while being really meticulous in our due diligence, just because something looks perfect for the job doesn’t mean that it is, on the flip side…. If it is the right choice we aren’t tied to or exclusive to any one provider, meaning we can provide you with the best solution available.